Extending The Life Of Your Upholstery

Why is Upholstery cleaning important?

Professional upholstery cleaning is a necessity for anyone looking to protect their investment in their upholstery. Over time, as we go about our daily lives, our upholstery becomes a magnet for dirt, dust, sand, grit and oils. Even microscopic intruders like dust mites take refuge within the fibers of your upholstery, gradually degrading the fabric's strength and integrity.

The build-up of these subtle contaminants can have a profound impact on the life of your upholstery. Natural oils from pets and our bodies, especially on our hands and hair, can create problem areas for your upholstery, where abrasive agents like dirt and grit can easily become embedded, and slowly wear down the fibers with each sit or lounging session. As time passes without treatment, you may start to notice your upholstery losing its luster, and the fabric becoming frayed and discoloured.

This is where professional upholstery cleaning comes into play. It's not only about making your furnitureook and feel cleaner; it's about preserving its lifespan and ensuring it remains a comfortable and inviting part of your home for years to come. Our dedicated and experienced team of engineers understand the intricacies of different fabrics, and take the time required to meticulously clean every square inch of your furniture.

Through the use of specialised cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products, we are able to extract embedded dirt and pollutants that ordinary household cleaning methods can't reach, successfully removing the culprits responsible for the slow degradation of your upholstery.

Investing in professional upholstery cleaning is an investment in the longevity of your upholstery!